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Membership Benefits

The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce has organized membership and benefits in a tiered dues structure with six tiers, a “Friend of the Chamber” membership and “á la carte” options.

We have structured membership so that additional benefits are available based on your level of investment. This structure speaks to the diversity of our business community, allowing for members to join at a level that meets their direct needs and to see a strong return on their investment.

The Wenatchee Valley Chamber of Commerce Membership Tiers are:

  • Affiliate
  • Opportunity
  • Expand your Reach
  • Brand Visibility
  • Advocate
  • Influencer
  • Champion of the Chamber
  • Non-profit businesses receive 25% off the Affiliate-Brand Visibility tiers.

The “Affiliate” tier is a basic membership benefits package with the option to purchase additional benefits “a la carte.” With each tier, there is an increase in exposure, marketing, and money-saving opportunities in relation to an increased level of investment.

Our main goal is to be an organization with benefits designed to meet the differing needs of our members! Explore your membership options by clicking on the links below.